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Blog Post 14: YouTube/Low-bridge videos: Are they good? Are they bad? Are they writing?

Now that you are about at the “halfway” point or so in the movie-making part of the Collaborative Video/Individual Essay project, you’ve read Daniel Anderson’s “The Low Bridge to High Benefits: Entry-Level Multimedia, Literacies, and Motivation” and Alexandra Juhasz, “Why Not (To) Teach On YouTube,” and you’ve watched Michael Wesch’s “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube.” And you’ve also done a fair amount of collaborative work (hopefully!) on coming up with movies of your own.

So, given that context, take a moment and reflect on the process to date. How has this process of simple videos going? What kind of connections and misconnections do you see between “the writing process” as we’ve studied it and as you’ve experienced it, and the “video making process?” Do you see the point of Anderson’s advocacy for the use of “low bridge” technologies like the ones we are using for this project? Or is this comparison between writing and multimedia/video making hogwash, comparing apples and oranges, etc., etc.?

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