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Blog Post 13: Looking Back, Looking Forward

This blog post is as much of a “pre-writing” prompt as it is anything else:

The “individual essay” part of the collaborative video project is a reflection on the process of making a movie and what it was “like” compared to the writing process. We have read/discussed a couple of readings and movies specifically about multimedia, video, and YouTube, but what activities and readings from the previous units of the class do you think might be potentially useful to consider for this project? Besides the readings on written style and grammar from Williams and Strunk and White, how do you think the discussion of ancient style figure into this project, especially as it connected to your earlier analysis of YouTube commercials? How about Ong and Barron and Manguel? How is their discussions about the relationship between technology and writing potentially useful in thinking about this project?

And so forth.

Just keep in mind that the two main goals of this particular post are to a) get you to see connections between some of the other readings in the class and this project, and b) get you to start thinking about your essay, which will be due sooner than you think!

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