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Blog Post 11: What are others saying?

Look through several of your classmates’ blog postings about Strunk and White, Williams, and the other readings on style (if there is anything there).  The links to your classmates’ blogs are in the right-hand column.  Find one or two blogs that contains posts that you can engage in some sort of “dialog” with– perhaps you agree with what they are saying, perhaps you disagree, maybe your classmates are offering an interesting starting point for a new point you want to make, and so forth.

Write a 500 or so word response where you quote/paraphrase your classmate’s (or classmates’) blog(s), and where you respond, being sure to quote/paraphrase from the assigned reading as appropriate.

As you work through this assignment, be sure to take the time to read your classmates’ blogs and see what comparisons they are making to other blogs and comments. It might help you think about your own thoughts on style, too!