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Blog post 1: Getting started

For your first blog post, “Getting Started,” make a post to your new blog about anything you want. As you do this, try to experiment a little. For example:

  • Mess around with the fonts and the colors of the fonts
  • Try to insert an image (you saw the link for how to do that, right?)
  • Or anything else.

Besides writing a post, try to create or edit a page on your site. You might want to create a whole new page (again, about whatever you want) or you might want to edit and change the “About” page.  Remember! This is important because you will need to post your writing projects as separate pages on your blog, not posts!

Finally, go ahead and set up an Gravatar for yourself, which will appear next to your comments on the class blog.

Once you are done with this, email me the address to your blog so I can link to it.

Remember! your blog address is going to be something like, where “something” is something you customized.

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