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Individual Essays for Movie Projects Due; About Collaboration; About Peer Review – English 328: Writing, Style, & Technology
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Individual Essays for Movie Projects Due; About Collaboration; About Peer Review

Remember, the individual essay for the collaborative movie projects are due today Wednesday!  I just set up a dropbox for it on emuonline; as has been the case with other assignments this term, the idea is to post a link to your Google Doc in the dropbox space.

(Update:  Sorry about the date mix-up.  For some reason I thought today was Wednesday…).

Now, one thing that is a little different about handing in this project is this is your chance to reflect on the collaborative process.  So, when you post your link to emuonline, take a moment to tell me:

  • What it is that you did as part of working on the short video;
  • What it is you think others in the group did to work on the short video; and
  • What grade you think everyone in the group (including yourself) have earned for this part of the work.

If everything with your collaboration went great, then this reflection can be very brief.  If you had some concerns and/or thought things weren’t fair, then this is the “speak now or forever hold your peace” opportunity to voice those concerns.

After the break here, I have some thoughts/reflections on the final peer review process as folks discussed it on their blogs.  But before I get there, let me remind you all that the last blog post of the semester is due this Friday! Be sure to get that wrapped up!

I think that a lot of the reflections on peer review were similar to what it’s been all semester– there are good things about it, there are not good things about it.  For example:

For this time around peer review actually helped me because I felt that this essay was more difficult to write compared to past essays. Although for peer review as a whole the aspects that I found useful are the fact that you are hearing feedback from people who are writing about the same things you are, people giving suggestions to make your point/argument better, people catching errors that the writer may not notice, and also reading others work. I find those things most useful because it gives me a better understanding on how others view my writing and I can see if I’m on the same path as others, because we should obviously be on the same page of what we are writing about. The one thing I find least useful is the fact that sometimes people don’t really have anything to say, or they I think that when it comes to responding to others, it’s best to be honest and helpful.

And this:

I have found myself disappointed throughout the peer review process. The theory of peer review is good, it never seems to work out. I found that I do not get enough feedback. I have no desire to hear that my work is good, if you don’t complain about it, I know it is fine. I have also noticed that people tend not to take the advice of others. I know not every comment given is correct, but every comment should be double checked, in case you are wrong.

Tensions seem to be running high right now. Which makes peer review comments even touchier than normal.

I know there were some “challenges” with the video making process, which (as I’ve said before) I find kind of puzzling and unusual.

And then there’s this:

I learned that there is no good way to correct someone. Even at my politest, people do not like to be corrected. Because this is a online class, I found it was easier to be honest about people’s work, though they probably did not appreciate that!

With every comment I get, I try to look at the situation as if it was not my paper. There is no reason to not take the advice. I would not want my teacher to point out the same mistakes a fellow classmate did.

I think this is a really good point, and it is something that I think I need to work on fostering better in peer review in particular and in the writing process in general.  If you want to be a writer– and why would you take this class if you didn’t?– then you have to learn to see the criticism of your writing as an opportunity to improve and be better and not as an “attack” against you as a person.  If you can’t or won’t do that, then you won’t improve as a writer, simple as that.

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