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Peer Review Groups and a Little Calendar Talk

So, we’re starting around that last turn of the semester, so along with telling everyone about peer review, I thought I’d recap a few calendar things, too.

First, about peer review: I have set it up again on emuonline, and since you have all been down this path before, you should have a handle on how this all works.  Everyone should be in one and only one group, so let me know if I screwed that up in how I set things up.  The groups are:

Megan A, Ryan, and Leeann

Megan F, Alyse, Lisa, and Maxine

Amanda, Tony, and Ana

Peer review begins by midnight on Wednesday, November 30!  Be sure to have a draft of your individual essay posted there by then.  Late projects will be docked a letter grade.  Also, peer review ends on Monday, December 5!  Be sure to have your comments for your peers done by then.  By Tuesday or so, you should also finish Blog Post 15: The final peer review recap.

The individual essay portion of the movie project is due by the end of the day on Wednesday, December 7!  Late projects will be docked a letter grade, etc.  Also, note that as part of the process of handing this is, this is also your chance to have input on how well the collaborative process went.

The last blog post of the semester is due by Friday, December 9;  it is Blog Post 16:  What is Style, part 2?

Now, what this all means is that by the last day of class, December 12, you will be able to know exactly what grade you will receive for the class not counting the final or any revisions.  As I have discussed elsewhere, as long as you do an earnest job on the final and turn it in as appropriate, I will not give you a grade that will hurt your overall grade on it.  Revisions could make a difference for improving your grade though, and as I’ve discussed before, that’s something where we’ll need to meet to talk about your plans and strategies.

And the end of time for the class is on December 16, 2011 at 5 pm Eastern Time.  I’ll talk more about this as we get closer to it, but basically, this is when everything absolutely, positively has to be turned in.

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