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Discussing Michael Wesch’s “An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube”

The reading and discussion for this unit is a little different. First, I want you to skim through/read through the the essays by Alexandra Juhasz, “Why Not (To) Teach On YouTube” and Daniel Anderson, “The Low Bridge to High Benefits: Entry-Level Multimedia, Literacies, and Motivation.” (eReserves). But we’ll talk about them later! The idea is that discussing the readings will make more sense after you and your group members are well on their way to finishing up the movies.

In the meantime, watch this YouTube video by Michael Wesch (and be aware that it is about an hour long):

This is one of those things I have returned to quite a few times the last couple years, and it generally is “a hit” with students.  I think this is fairly straight-forward, well-done, and very interesting video that covers a lot of territory about teaching and about some of the implications of YouTube.  Among other things, he discusses the culture of YouTube (not just what but who is YouTube?), community, authenticity, and viral video.  Wesch is actually an anthropologist, but I think the sorts of things he’s talking about here are important to think about as we expand the places and means of writing.

If the link above doesn’t work, try this link to the YouTube page.

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