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Movie Project Groups – English 328: Writing, Style, & Technology
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Movie Project Groups

Sorry I’m a day late on this– I got a little distracted by some other work/life things.  Here are the two groups for making movies:

Group 1 is:

Megan A.Ryan F.Diamond J.Alyse L.Maxine W.Ana W.

Group 2 is:

Megan F.Leeann J.Lisa M.Amanda W.Tony W.

A few important things to think about/remind you all about with this:

  • There are lots of ways to collaborate, which means that I am not expecting/assuming that everyone will do everything, and everyone might not all be able to meet at the same time and place.  In the past, I’ve had very successful collaborations where students were able to work together even when they were in different states.  So believe me, it is possible!
  • I’ve set up a space on emuonline for each group to collaborate.  It’s under “Groups & Peer Review for Movie Project.”  That might be a good common place for people to get started.  However, there are lots of other ways to collaborate effectively without ever having to meet together.  Here are some examples of tools you might find useful:
    • Doodle Calendar. This is a great tool for trying to find a common time where you might be able to meet either in person or electronically.  I use this to schedule meetings and the like all the time.
    • Google + “Hangouts.”  Google Plus is sort of their version of Facebook.  It has its pros and cons, but one of the features I definitely like is called “hangouts.”  Basically, hangouts allow for up to 10 people to be logged in and chatting with web cams at the same time and place, which is pretty close to actually meeting in the same place. It’s super-easy to use.  First, sign up for a Google Plus account– and that’s no big deal since everyone already has a Google account.  Second, monkey around with your account a little bit and you’ll see that you can create a hangout.  So once your group finds a time that will work for everyone (that’s what Doodle might be for), then appoint someone to create a hangout that everyone can then join at that time.
    • Google docs.  You’ve all been using this to collaborate in a sense all semester long as it is.  You can also use it to work on writing the same document– a script, for example.

That should get you all started.  Let me know what questions you might have, and if you need my help with cameras or any of the other issues, just let me know.

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