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The Collaborative Video/Individual Essay Project: Short Movies on Video Making and Collaborating

As you’re working on Style part 2, I know you’re also wondering about some of the logistics of this collaborative movie project.  After the “continued” part, I have two videos I put together previously on this project, one on some tips on making videos and one on some tips for collaborating.
Of course, it’s useful to read and review the assignment itself.  But I also wanted to offer a place to discuss working with video and also some suggestions for collaboration.

Here is a short video giving you some tips on putting together your video:

Perhaps more important in this process is the nature of collaboration.  Here’s a short video where I offer some advice and tips on how to effectively work together:

I’m not as sure as I once was about the need for everyone to meet face to face, so let me correct/amend one thing I say in this video:  it’s probably easiest for people to meet face to face, but as I have said before, I don’t think that is “essential.” There’s stuff like Skype, Google Docs, Google Plus, various chat software, etc., that can allow you to communicate with each other while not actually “being there.”  This happens in the world of work all the time.  So I can imagine lots of ways in which groups can work together well even if they aren’t all in the same place at the same time.

But again, this is all stuff we’ll talk about more this week and into next week.

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