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A few somewhat late announcements heading into the weekend

First off, my apologies for being a little more absent than I would prefer the last couple days.  I’m one of the organizers of a conference that’s happening today (Saturday) in Pray-Harrold Hall called the WIDE-EMU.  It’s all about teaching writing in the digital age and in electronic spaces, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, maybe you should stop by!

Second, as you continue discussing Williams, blogging about the books, etc., I am working now on calculating your participation and electronic attendance grades for the first part of the semester.  I should be updating these on emuonline between now and Monday, and I’ll let you know when I’m done so you can go check the gradebook.

And third, don’t forget the peer reviewed versions of the Ancient Style and YouTube essays are due by midnight!  With the somewhat confusing schedule, it seems like these were things we worked on weeks ago.  But no, you still need to hand those in.  You should do this the same way you did before, with a link to the dropbox space on emuonline.

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