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About the Ancient Style and YouTube Peer Review Project

I’ve set up the peer review for the Ancient Style and YouTube project on emuonine under the item “Ancient Style and YouTube Peer Review.”  As was the case before, you should be in only one peer review group, so let me know if you are in more than one or you aren’t in one.  After the “continued” part, I have the basic instructions I have on emuonline for how this will work.

  • Just like last time, set up a draft of your essay in Google Docs.  Make sure you set up the sharing on your document so that everyone with a link can view it This is easy to forget (I personally forget to do this all the time), so do your best to remember.
  • Just like last time, post a comment in the discussion here and share a link to your draft in the comment.
  • Also just like last time, read and comment on each others’ essays.
  • After you read your peer’s essays (and this is NOT like last time), visit the “Ancient Style and YouTube Commercials Project Survey and Spreadsheet.”  Here’s the link to this.
  • The survey is pretty straight-forward:  a series of questions about the assignment.  Some of the questions are simple “yes/no/I don’t know” choices about your peers’ writing; some of the questions ask you to rate certain aspects of your peers’ writing on a scale; and some of the questions ask you to write a few sentences about your peers’ writing.  Ask each question and submit your answers.
  • Then repeat this survey for each of the peers in your group! You’ll use this same survey and the same link for each of your reviews for your group.
  • A couple more things about this survey:
    • Be careful when you fill out the survey!  It’s pretty straight-forward, but make sure you have the right name of the person you are reviewing.
    • When we’re done with this, I will share with everyone the spreadsheet that has the result of all of the surveys.  This will give you a chance to see what others said about your essay.  It’s also a chance for me as a teacher to see what everyone has said about each others’ essays in one spot.

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