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A few important announcements!


I talk about these things in this short video, but in brief:

  • Yes indeed, we will be beginning our next peer review on the ancient style project Wednesday! The idea here is to push things along in the class so you have some options when it comes to revising things and also so we have time at the end of the term to worry about making movies and the like.  The next peer review will be a little different from this one in that I will ask you to fill out a form on Google docs and it will follow a little more of a specific process– you’ll see what I mean.
  • I was happy to see a “perfect score” from students when it comes to handing in the draft of the “Invent Your Own Writing Technology” projects in on time.  I will start commenting on those essays asap (hopefully this afternoon/this evening) and have those back to you as soon as I can, certainly before next week.  Incidentally, you will notice I won’t give a ton of comments on these, in part because I want you to think about revision in relation to the style guides we’ll read and base your changes on that.
  • Participation in class has been pretty good, but it has slowed down/fallen off a bit as people have gotten busy with this class and (I assume) other things.  Don’t forget!  Post at the beginning of the discussion periods!

I think that’s it for now.  While you work on a draft of the ancient style youtube video project, I’ll be working on reading your essays and setting up the next peer review.

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