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“Handing in” your revised “invent your own writing technology” essay

As we head into the weekend here, I am sure many/most of you are earnestly working on final touches on your “Invent Your Own Writing Technology” essay, which is due by the end of the day on Monday.  Remember:  I will dock you a letter grade for every 72 hours it is late, so be sure to get it in on time!

Now, you may be wondering “how do you want me to hand this in?”  Let me see if I can explain this, and if you have questions, by all means ask!

  • First, make your revisions/changes to the Google Doc you shared with your classmates.  DO NOT upload a whole new document!  This is because I am interested in seeing as part of the process here how you responded to your peers’ suggestions.  This is also how you will hand in any revisions you might decide to make.
  • Second, make sure your Google Doc is shared so that a) Anyone with the link can see it, and b) Access is set up so that anyone can edit it.  For some reason, the “access” is easy for people to forget (I forget to do this myself often when I’m setting up things for sharing), but it’s important to be checked so I can leave comments on your essay.   When you save your settings, you’ll get a link you can share.  Copy that.
  • Third, login to emuonline and go to our class site.  Once there:
    • Click on “Dropbox.”
    • Click on the dropbox item “Invent your Own Writing Tech.”
    • Instead of attaching a file, paste the link to your Google Doc in the small discussion space that’s available.
    • Click save, and if it all worked, I should have the link to your Google Doc.
  • I’ll start reading and commenting on these by Tuesday of next week, and if I see you did something wrong with how you sent me a link to your Google Doc, I’ll be sure to let you know.  Of course, if there’s nothing in the Dropbox, then you will most certainly be late.

I think that’s it.  Like I said, if you have questions about this, ask.

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