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Be sure to wrap up peer review tonight (and the next steps)

I just took a peek at what the peer review process on emuonline for the invent your own technology project.  So far, pretty good, though I did email a couple groups about the importance of actually commenting within the google docs themselves.  Add comments and make editing suggestions right there, though if you want to have some summary kind of overall comments on emuonline, that’s okay too.

Three other things:

  • When you’re done with the peer review process (both receiving and giving), be sure to write up “Blog Post 4:  Peer Review Recap Part 1.”  I’ll follow up with your comments on Wednesday or so.
  • Don’t throw away that Google Doc because I want you to revise this document for whatever it is you hand in to me (electronically, of course).  In other words, I’m not looking for you to create a new document but rather modify this one by responding to the comments, changing the things that people added, etc.  The idea here is I’m interested as a reader (and as a teacher, too!) to follow the trace of changes you make in your essay and to see the process and progress you make in revision.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to get started on the Crowley and Hawhee reading on style!

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