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Peer review for the Invent Your Own Technology Projects

This semester, we’ll be using a combination of Google docs and emuonline web site for peer review.  For a beginning to Google docs, check out this movie.  Chances are, most of you have used emuonline before, but just to recap a bit:

  • Log into  If you need help signing into your account, be sure to follow the instructions that are on the main login page to get this help.
  • Click on our course as it shows up under the course list section.
  • Once into the ENGL 328 course, click the unit “Peer Review for Invent Tech Project.”  This has all the instructions you should need to get started on the peer review process, including many more details about using Google docs, the overall process for peer review, and some questions you should consider as you review each others’ drafts.  It’s all right there!
  • I’ve set up four peer review groups:  Group 1 is Megan A., Ryan F., Andrea M., and Ana W.  Group 2 is Joshua D, Nicholas H., Alyse L., and Deon P.  Group 3 is Megan F., Diamond J., Lisa M., and Amanga W. And group 4 is Leann J., Maxine W., and Tony W.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget the deadlines here!  You need to have a draft of your essay ready for peer review by midnight Wednesday.  I will dock late projects a letter grade from this project!  You need to complete your peer review comments by midnight on Monday, September 19.  And the deadline for the final version of these projects is September 26.

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