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Heading into the weekend: “Writing Tips, The Movie,” working on your blogs, and next week’s peer review.

We’re off to a pretty good start here!  I’ll be emailing folks soon (either later today or Monday) about your participation to date, but for the time-being, I wanted to share a couple of things to think about for next week:

    • Your “invention” is due by the end of the day Tuesday.  By midnight Tuesday, post an image of whatever it is you have invented on your own blog, and I will ask you to share a link on this blog in the “show and tell” post.  To do this:
  • After you create your project and take a picture of it, write a brief “show and tell” post on your blog about your creation.  Post an image of your creation in that blog post– see these instructions on about images. Many of you have already posted images to your blog, so you should be all set.
  • Then you will want to post a link of your image and post on your blog to the discussion area I will set up by Monday (probably Sunday, actually) for the “show and tell” part of this project.  To do this, you will want to not just post a link to your blog but to the specific post.  So, for example, a link to this blog would be this:  But a link to the calendar for the page would be this:  Let me know if that makes sense.
  • You’ll need to start thinking about the essay you are going to write for this project, part of the reason why I am sharing this video with everyone.  I hope it offers some useful tips.  A draft of your essay will need to be sent to me  by midnight on Wednesday, September 14.  I will deduct a letter grade for late drafts.

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